Modest Clothing With a Fashion Flare


It's warm weather again! Did you know that you can look boutique-stylish all spring and summer without losing your modesty? Here, we reveal some seasonal clothing trends, including pretty ways to add extra coverage to those often-barer seasonal fashions.

Summer is definitely the hardest time of year to find appropriately fashionable modest clothing, and not be too hot to function. We know this can be a challenge, so we’ve made a shopping guide just for you! Choose these looks to be stylish and modest at the same time, even when the weather is hot!


Skirts. Sometimes we forget the power of a skirt. They’re the perfect way to look put together while still being able to enjoy a nice spring or summer breeze. Stick to your modesty standards by going with knee length or just above the knee skirts that are made of cotton, linen or other light and airy fabrics, and make sure the fit isn’t too tight. Trendy looks in skirts this season include floral vintage prints, tiered fabrics and tie-belts.

Dresses. What’s the perfect “casual chic” ensemble for warm weather? A breezy dress, oversize sunglasses and flip flops, worn with your hair pulled up to help you stay cool. Dresses offer lots of freedom, but for this time of year stick to a knee length or just above the knee length dress, or choose a maxi-style dress in jersey or cotton fabrics. Maxi dresses are especially nice because you never have to worry about how you’re sitting and if you are showing too much!

Shorts. Of course, shorts are a must for summer. They’re great for running around the park with your kids or family dog. Luckily, Bermuda shorts as well as longer-length cropped pants are very much in style! Which means you have plenty of modest options over all those short shorts. Jean shorts are always a good choice, but don’t rule out lighter fabrics like linen and khaki as they may just help you stay even cooler.

Relaxed tees. The days of fitted, tight shirts are over! And to take their place? Relaxed but feminine-shaped tees that are great for the hot days ahead. Relaxed tees are great for tucking into skirts or wearing untucked with shorts or pants. Jersey, cotton, and cotton/polyester blends are great materials to look for in tees this season.

Tanks, camis and cardis. So often, cute summer clothing is a bit too bare! Why not layer a camisole or tank under a top, or complement a sleeveless or strapless dress with a lightweight, in-style summer cardigan? You can add coverage while still looking fabulous.

Don’t forget that it’s never too hot to dress in modest clothing!

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