Look Your Best in Modest Dresses

Dresses are here for spring and summer in a big way! Learn what styles are "in" right now and what dresses look best on your body type. Just say "yes" to the dress!!

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Finding the right, modest dresses for your body type can be a challenging thing to do. But no worries - we have some basic guidelines to help you find a dress that’s not only fashionable, but also complements your shape. We know that maxi dresses and fitted dresses, vintage floral prints as well as big, bold prints and colors are all the rage this spring and summer, but what look is the perfect one for you?

Follow these guidelines:

For a straight or athletic build... If you have a leaner body type but would like to give the impression that you have some curves, choose dresses that have lots of volume, whether that volume is made with ruffles, pleats or embellishments. In fact, embellishments are a big current trend! This will add dimension and help give you the curvier silhouette you desire. Flutter sleeves are also a trendy, feminine detail. And don’t be afraid to accessorize!

For a pear shape... If you’re curvier in the hips and thighs, stick to dresses that have solid colors on the lower half and prints, patterns or embellishments up top. Doing this will draw attention upward and help balance your upper and lower body. Also, dresses with an A-line skirt are a good choice as they have a slenderizing effect. Other pretty, in-fashion looks for you are dresses with elbow length sleeves and a belt or sash to accentuate your waist.

For an hourglass figure... Dresses are wonderful for hourglass figures. You can pretty much get away with wearing any dress you want, including with any sleeve type! But your best choice is something that has a fitted waist to show off your ultra-feminine shape. What if your dress isn’t fitted at the waist? Then just cinch it with a belt or pretty tie, which will also make you look accessorized!

If you have a thicker middle... Have a tummy you don’t want to draw attention to? Stay away from dresses with belted middles or high waistbands. Also, go for a monochromatic look, since dressing in a solid color from head to toe can really slenderize and help disguise your middle. Wearing embellishments up top draws attention upward, and that’s where you want it. So what are the very best modest dresses for you? Ones in solid colors, with ¾-length or flutter sleeves, open necklines, and any detail on the top portion of the dress.

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