Woman's Fall Fashion

Are you ready to rock the 2013 fall styles you loved from Fashion Week in New York? You can find your favorite fall styles right here at DownEast. We’ve taken popular trends like black and white and polka dots and transformed them into some beautiful, modest looks. They are guaranteed to flatter you this fall.

The Colors

Pairing black and white together this fall is chic and stunning. We recommend combining solid white items with all-black items, or choosing patterns of black-and-white that offset each other. Our favorite is the black and white houndstooth pattern in our Houndstooth Skirt as well as our black and white polka dot Revelry Dress.

Winter white and saffron yellow are popular, rich colors of the season. They are especially eye-catching when paired together, such as in our Go for Gold Dress.

The Details

The stylists behind Fashion Week were not only in love with colors, but with feminine details like bows and collars. The bow is a sweet and daring detail, especially on our drapey, fall-colored Bicycle for Two Top. This top pairs perfectly with a sleek pencil skirt or a pair of skinny jeans.

The collar adds just a hint of “dress up” to any top or dress. It’s fun, flirty, and original. Our Lace Collar top combines sleek black and white with a cute lace color to top it off. Find your favorite new fall style at DownEast today!

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